Clarinetist Nur Ben Shalom has performed across Europe both as a soloist as well as a chamber musician. He has performed in a wide range of venues, such as the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Berliner Philharmonie and the Musikverein Wien.


Outside of his performances, Ben Shalom has diligently researched many forgotten, unknown Jewish composers from the World War II era, aiming to revive and highlight them in the modern cultural discourse.


Together with the Berliner Philharmonic principal second violinist Christophe Horak, international violist Francesca Zappa and prize winning pianist Yannick Van de Velde, Ben Shalom founded the Nimrod Ensemble chamber group.


Ben Shalom has also initiated a special project for oriental and classical instruments that musically "wanders" between European classical sounds and Middle Eastern cultures, reflecting both the commonalities and the differences between them.


Ben Shalom has also participated in international festivals such as the Luzern Festival, the Bonn Beethoven festival, the Podium music Festival and the ID festival Berlin. He has also performed in orchestras such as the German Opera House and the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth.


As a Soloist, Ben Shalom has been invited to perform with the Jerusalem Chamber orchestra, the Ra’anana Symphony Orchestra, Rishon-Le’zion Symphony, the Echo Ensemble Hanns Eisler and the Jewish-Arab Orchestra.


After studying with his mentors in Israel, Eva Wasserman and Prof. Izhak Katap, Ben Shalom continued his musical education at the Hochschule Für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin with Prof. Diethelm Kühn.


In the past few years Ben Shalom has been invited to Hollywood to participate in various film productions, recording under the composer John Williams.


Ben Shalom plays on several Schwenk und Seggelke special clarinets.

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